Major Companies to Rent from in IV

These companies own many houses and apartments so they set their rent high and raise it every year. However, they are the easiest to find housing from and do business with, and are organized when it comes to getting in contact and maintenance issues. It is always easiest to look online first and then go run around IV, so it is nice that most of these have websites.


Sierra Property Management - Looks like Sierra has recently updated their website and they have a MUCH nicer website for IV properties now. I've heard really good things about them and they tend to have nicer apartments in the area. They are one of the larger property managers in the area.

Del Playa Rentals - Can view available houses and apartments online with a few pictures, mainly of outside of building, so best to see the places in person. Rumor has it, landlord used to be a porn producer. There are some litigations in the works because of accusations of inadequate returns of security deposits. Rent isn't cheap (don't expect anything under $650 a month per person).

Wolfe & Associates - List of Available Rentals for 2013-2014 school year (PDF). Lots of houses and apartments in Isla Vista. Website has pictures and good descriptions of properties. They don't have an office in IV but you can fill out an application online.

St. George & Associates - Can view list of available places online with pictures of the outside of the buildings. These places are known to be some of the nicest places to live in IV so it's a little pricier. Applications are filled out with first and second choice of place to rent, followed by an interview with group wishing to rent with, and best applicants are chosen for buildings. This is not a first come, first serve basis, so don't feel rushed. Their building is conveniently located on Trigo Rd.

Island View Properties - Don't hear too much about this company, which is usually a good sign. Website lists available places with pictures of the outside and good written description of place. Only own about 10 places, but they are good locations. Application process seems a little intense (and you will need a fax) and you will need a co-signer (most likely a parent to sign) when signing the lease, and that can be a bit of a drag.



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