Isla Vista

Let's be real, you're not in Isla Vista to study

  • Need somewhere to pregame - lets get HOUSING
  • What the hell are all these flyers? Next time, avoid the Arbor. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
  • Let's get drunk and not drive: BILL'S BUS

  • So, your bike was STOLEN

  •  Boo you IV Foot Patrol. I'm in TROUBLE
  • Name those Isla Vista BANDS

Somewhere along your life you thought, "well I guess I'll go to UCSB (or SBCC)", or maybe it was more like "hell yeah I'm going to UCSB!" or even "No thanks college aps, I'll go to SBCC." Any way you put it, you just landed yourself four years of partying in the one and only Isla Vista. No other college has the equivalent to IV. The spirit and excitement of living among 20,000 other college students in one square mile is unmatched by any other living situation a college could offer. You can feel safe riding your bike through the streets at 2 a.m. because there are tons of other people out even if it's some random weekday. But don't think just because it's some random weekday that those people out haven't been partying all night. No, IV offers some quality social gatherings at all phases of the week. Maybe not Monday night...I think that's widely been chosen as the "rest up night" especially since there's no clever alliteration that's been thought of to relate that day to drinking or smoking (i.e. Tipsy Tuesday, Wasted Wednesday, Thirsty get it). Another rare thing found in IV - bikes! Not many people drive, and when they do, they have a hard time getting around. Bikers and pedestrians alike chose to stroll in the streets, making it hard to steer around those oblivious to your car. And don't expect to get anywhere if you are driving anywhere from quarter to the hour till about five past especially if you are going to be anywhere near Pardall Road. Another thing to not expect: parking - parking in your own driveway, parking on the streets of IV, or parking anywhere on campus. And the $40 campus parking tickets will bite you in the ass, so don't even think you can park in the faculty parking for half an hour and get away with it. To sum that up: cars out, bikes in. Now don't get me wrong, cars can be nice when you want to get out of the IV/UCSB bubble or you need to get to SBCC (although there are plenty of buses), they just prove themselves not worthwhile when getting around IV or campus. And anyway, that's just lazy. It's cold in the winter - get over it and get a warm coat to bike in. Or get that beer sweater on...

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